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I just bought a Sapphire x1950 xt 256MB card, which stated has a 625 MHz core and 1800 MHz mem. I've put the card in, installed the drivers provided by Sapphire (note that some forums have suggested not to use ATI's drivers for this card, but only to use the drivers Sapphire provides). I am a newb at GPU overclocking, but I've opened both ATI CCC and ATI Tray Tool, and they both are telling me that my card has the following specs:

Core Clock in MHz: 500 MHz
Memory Clock in MHz: 594 MHz (= 1188 MHz total)

What gives? Shouldn't the driver default core clock be 625 MHz and mem clock be 900 MHz? Or do I have to set this manually? You'd think this would be factory set. I'm also getting sub-par benchmarking in ATI tool (as one would expect for an underclocked version of this card). For comparison:

x1950 xt 500/594: 5892 (my card)
x1900 xt 625/725: 7516 (comparison card)

My driver version is [8.302.0.0]. The major question I need answered is whether this is a driver problem or a hardware problem? If it is a driver problem I can just get a new driver, but if the hardware is wrong (ie wrong clock speeds) then I'll have to send the card back to

Thanks to anyone who can assist. Cheers.
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