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word2003 template/form - wrong and different calculation?!

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hello all,
I could find very often important information in this forum - but since the beginning/middle of june I have with an exceptional macro-problem no idea to solve the problem.

backgrounds: I realized very simple templates, which working since 3 years for a company in switzerland, usa and also bahrain. at the beginning of this year, I took some formal adjustments (pure design aspects, no macro-adjustments) for india (a new branch office of my customer). these templates are always used only for a limited period before each country is connected to an erp systems.

the templates are invoices and order forms.... there are fields for addresses, contact persons, delivery details etc.... the very important part of the form/template is a table. row by row are multiplications and the results are added up to a subtotal. plus taxes (2 different for india) - at least, there is a total. this forms/templates works in different countries since a long time - but not in India.

system environment so far and actually: windows xp and office word 2003
system environment in india (and my place, additional): windows7 and (still) office word 2003

the problem: generally calculated the template - just - wrong in india. moreover, the template calculated with activation of the macro different: even numbers different compared to odd numbers.

would someone help me? or give a tip to find the problem solving? my simple conjectures go in the direction of macro-problems in India (possibly a virus? incomplete vba /marco-environment)? by the way, I receive uncompleted calculated forms/templates from india office - I opened, run the macro and the calculation works correctly!

a screenshot is attached - it would possibly also the template itself to show/send.
I thank you in advance!
best regards, heinz

p.s. i hope my "english" is understandable...


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