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Word not opening files

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For the past month or so, since I upgraded my computer's RAM, I've been having troubles with Microsoft Word. The latest problem is that I cannot open any saved documents in Word. I can still type up documents and use word fine, and the files do save, but they cannot be opened, whether I try to open them from Microsoft Word or I go into My Documents and attempt to open them.

Does anyone know what the problem is or how I could fix it (without reinstalling Word; I lost the installation disk)?

Also, I've gone through and deleted the templates (someone told me that might help) but it has done nothing to help load the documents.
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Also, I'd like to add that when I delete the templates, MS Word runs fine, but only once. If I close it and try to open it again, it will not open. But if I delete the template again, it is useable again (once).

Sounds as though each doc might be being corrupted during the save. Have you tried a Repair? From within Word go to File Open. Select the file name, but don't open the file. Now go to the bottom-right of the File Open dialogue box, and hit the dropdown (it's part of the 'Open' button), and choose Open and Repair.

You might also want to try a Repair on Word itself. From within Word go to Help > Detect and Repair. Note that you might need your Office CD. It could just be a corrupt installation.
Another Hint.
Try going to Control Panel-->Add/Remove Programs-->Look for your Office Package listed--> Click add/remove then click repair and then continue.
This will repair all the files for you
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