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Won't recognize PCI!!!

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A little prologue to my problem:

A few days ago I put together my new computer with the following specs:

Soyo dragon ultra (SY-P4S-645DX)
512 megs kingston pc2100 ram
14 gig hd and a 20 gig hd, both maxtor
PCI geforce2 32 meg
2.4 ghz pentium4
2 cdroms

Now, this system worked fine and dandy and I was gaming it up like a pro...until yesterday when I decided to update windows. (I'm running an upgrade version of xp home). After installing the service pack 1, I rebooted only to find that my video card wasn't giving any signal to my monitor! I plugged in an old AGP card I had laying around and for some reason the AGP card worked fine. Upon booting windows, I realized that windows "could not find" the sound card for my computer, which is odd considering it's onboard sound. So the only things that didn't work were my sound and my video card...great...

I tried a great number of tests to pinpoint the problem, and it wasn't until tossing an old network card into a PCI slot -- and windows not recognizing it -- that I realized the PCI slots themselves might be problematic. I moved the video card to a lower slot to see if it would clear up a conflict, but nothing happened. I uninstalled the video card and reinstalled the drivers...nothing. I took the video card out, rebooted, put it back in, rebooted...NOTHING. As for the sound card, all I could really do was try and install it from the motherboard cd which succeeds in telling me that the audio device isn't installed. I've done add/remove hardware and it doesn't recognize any of the two things plugged into their PCI slots, nor does it recognize my audio. I've done the "have disk" thing with adding hardware for my video card, and when I click on the appopriate driver, it gives me an empty menu to choose a video card from...meaning THERE'S NOTHING ON THE LIST. I've gone into BIOS and looked through the menus, but I'm afraid to change anything for fear that it'll make things worse. However, that didn't stop me from upgrading my BIOS, and do I even have to say that that didn't work either?

The only reason I'm asking for help is because I've been waiting for years to finally get the money together to buy a pimped out super-machine, and I really don't want to have had only 3 days of actual super-machine experience. If there's any way at all to reinstall PCI (there was a program on the soyo cd that said it would install PCI drivers, but it didn't help either), then I'd be grateful to no ends...PLEASE HELP

and a merry christmas to all
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Qiuck question?

Why are you using a PCI video card when you got an AGP slot?

If the AGP video card is working I would just use that one. And a nother then is I would upgrade to WinXp Pro. Less problematic.
Well, the fact remains that none of my PCI slots work...including my sound. Even if I get an AGP video card, I still have to deal with the fact that I can't use my PCI network card, my PCI sound card, my PCI USB card...etc. Besides, the AGP card is 8 megs...sucksville...

But is there ANY way at all that I can reinstall my PCI drivers??? I know that's the problem because I've been plugging things into my PCI slots all day and windows doesn't recognize any of it...or maybe it's a plug and play problem??? But I'm sticking to the PCI theory
You said this was right after installing sp1 right? Have you tried removing it?
just removed change
I just talked to soyo tech support (after a half hour of their hilarious on-hold asian guy talking over street fighter 2 music thing), and they told me it's a windows problem. Windows apparently controls my PCI, and the update that I did contained an audio driver update that didn't agree with my sound card (the cmedia 5.1 onboard), so that accounts for the audio not working...and possibly may be connected to the whole pci problem. Now, would uninstalling all instances of windows on my computer and reinstalling fix anything...or would it just delete any chances I have of fixing the problem?
Alright, here's another new development (problem is still unfixed, by the way): Is it normal for device manager to say that my AGP video card is PCI, bus 1 device 0 function 0??? Add this to the fact that my computer won't read ANY pci cards and maybe there's some horrible conflict in there? Anyone?
I think that is normal(I dont know why), mine says the same thing.

In the device manager, have you tryed fooling around with the audio codecs(may not work but worth a shot)
I'm sure you have probably already done this, but have you tried the famous "system restore"? Doesn't say in the post. I mess up quite often & have to resort to restoring to an earlier date when things were working OK. Since you have uninstalled the sp1, might work.
Hmm, well I reinstalled Windows right after the problem happened (very stupid of me, I know.) which means I lost all previous restore points. I've also reformatted since then.

One thing, though: Today I reset CMOS after tinkering with BIOS and when it booted up, it gave my agp card the same video error it gives my PCI card. I'm beginning more and more to think that this is just a case of messed up motherboard. I'm already gathering my supplies to return it, as I truly have run out of options. Soyo tech support is no help. They interrupt me constantly and question if I'm the one who's supposed to be answering the questions. Windows tech support blames my motherboard, and I'm gonna have to go along with them. Thanks for the help though, all who posted. I'll post a follow-up to tell if my replacement works.
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