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won't read old secondary drive after upgrade

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i recently upgraded a me pc with 200 pro and now the secondary drive doesn't show on bios or in my computer. everything was fine in me. help!!
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Check the jumpers on each drive. Make sure they are either set to Cable Select or one Master/one Slave.

Disconnect secondary drive, reboot, shut down, reattach, try again with a fresh Win2K discovery.

Update the MB BIOS to most recent version.
i can get other secondary drives from other pcs recognized, but nomatter what i do the old drive isn't seen. it worked perfect with me, i didn,t change cables when i upgraded. i have secondary drives in my xp pc and xp pro and the pc will have no troble with them. i even have a old master drive(4.3gig), i changed to slave and it is recognized. the old drive is a western digital 40gig i bought for my wifes kitchen cooking recipe computer and contains her recipes (hundreds). thanks, waylone
Welp, if you confirm the cables and jumpers are correct, then the only other suggestion is to upgrade or reset the BIOS.

You can always buy an external enclosure if your IDE issues continue.
i have same config as me,the cmos is set to auto in slave drive and i ran autodetect and still doesn't see the drive. the drive isn't bad or was it changed before,during,and after upgrading. i guess i can find someone with me and transfer data to cds, fdisk the drive, configit , and reinstall data from cds to it?
IDE Controller may be bad, so that could be big waste of time.

Just get an external enclosure, then you connect it to any PC via USB.
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