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Won't Load Desktop

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Here's what happened:

I noticed that somehow the computer had gotten a virus last night that set the homepage to and made it unchangable. To fix that I ran Spybot but that didn't fix the problem.

Then I went to update Norton so I could run that. When it reset to install the update the problems started.

It starts up normally but sits on the "welcome" screen for A LOT longer than normal. Then when it goes into windows it will load the background but then nothing. No icons, no taskbar, etc. Just the background.

The screensaver still comes on after a while do.

If I press crtl+alt+del it says task manager has been disabled by the administrator. Apparently that's a feature of the virus.

Any ideas on how I can fix this?
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Hello and welcome to TSF,

I would recommend you to click on greyknights link below and follow the steps. Get a hjt log as instructed and post it under hjt help forum. Expert help will be with you to clean your system up. Meanwhile run dt-tb fix script which also is a link below to fix your desktop. Disable norton ( better uninstall it) prior to run the script to avoid norton block to the script.

Good luck.
Thanks for that, I'm trying to do that stuff now.

Just a question, how do I run the dt-tb fix script? I wouldn't have a clue how to run scripts (especially since I can only get anything to work when I boot in safe mode and ctrl+alt+del).

Other information that I jsut got about the problem:
- When I restarted in safe mode there was now a user called administrator. I don't think that was there before (there weren't any before).
- There's still no desktop or icons in safe mode, jsut a black screen.
- When I entered through administrator and ctrl+alt+del it says that the following processes are running: taskmgr.exe, svchost.exe (3 of these), lsass.exe, services.exe, winlogon.exe, csrss.exe, smss.exe, System, and System Idle Process
you can get in the task manager. then you have the power. :) Save and copy the script on a usb flash driver or a floppy ( even you can burn it on a cd if you cant do anything else. ) then open your task manager file > newtask (run) and browse. Run the fix. Your desktop and taskbar will be restored. OR when you get to run : run iexplore.exe and go to
this automaticly will run it.

This will enable you to work easier. Then please do what i told you to above about the cleaning.
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