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wont finish post

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i have a dell vostro 1700 laptop and it wont finish posting and boot my xp
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Try this first:

1. Remove the battery and AC cord. Remove the bottom cover/covers of your laptop.
2. Remove and reseat your RAM modules.
3. Replace your covers.
4. Hold down your power button for 1 minute (Battery and AC still disconnected).
5. Replace your AC power (without battery) and turn on.

This is called a hard reset. If it works COOL, then replace your battery. If not then we will try something else. Good luck.
There are various faults that can cause this, hardware, corrupt bios, bad connections, bad solder joints on the mobo and a dead mobo.

So, remove your HDD and start your laptop. If its a dead HDD this should happen:

Power on – Fan starts – HD light on – POST screen appears – HD lights goes out and black screen appears with message "Operating System Not Found" and remains at this screen.

This is the first and easiest hardware fault to diagnose.
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