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WMP !! will not rollback to 10

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I stupidly upgraded WMP to version 11, and it is totally unacceptable--It won't allow me to play any of the hundred or more of my own CDs that I ripped to my computer, because of licensing issues--says too many license downloads, which is crap, never happened. MS says that version 11 can be rolled back to version 10. I followed their instructions exactly, and when it finished, I received the msg: "rollback complete". Unfortunately that is a big lie, because when I started the player, it still was version 11. But then I had other issues--my Sling Player would not start, with error message referring to WMP. I reinstalled WMP 11, and the Sling Player worked. I tried the whole rollback thing and it still will not roll back. I am at my wit's end--can anybody help?????
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G'Day tenpiloto, and Welcome to TSF! :wave:

Have you treid a System Restore to a date before you installed WMP 11?

To do it.. Go START > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore.
Follow the prompts to select an earlier time to restore your computer to.
This will not delete any crucial files, and will only rebert the system back to the date/time you select.
Give it a try, and report back with any other queries/concerns.
Dave--Thanks, but yes, I did that right away and it did not work. It did not establish a restore point. I should have manually done it. MS has really gone out of their way to make this totally unmanageable. I think they are in some way trying to stop conversions to ITunes, but this will probably make many people so made that we will go there. I loved all the previous WMP versions, and just assumed 11 would be better. How wrong I was.
Ok...have a read of this.
Also, you could try XP Lite to remove WMP.....but i'm not sure if it's designed to work with WMP 11 but it has a setting for WMP 9+ so that may do it.

Read the instructions before doing it though :)
To Dave: That is exactly the procedure I completed, and then redid after reinstall of 10. After I completed the procedure and restarted, then I downloaded version 10 and tried to install it. Got error message say that it would not work on my system. Downloaded and tried 9, same msg. Both were versions for XP.

I may try XPLite, but I really want to get back and use WMP 10, and I am afraid that it may never install. Has anyone just re-installed XP??
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