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WMP streamlink problems

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Hello everyone - my favourite streamlink site is
and for several years used WMP 9 with no problems. January 1st I
kept getting error faults - and had to shut down the site. Checked for the
usual spy's and viruses, but I was clean. ZoneAlarm has never posed a
problem for my system. However, at Christmas time I did download
shockplayer - have since uninstalled it. Now I am a relative newbie to things technical. A friend came in and uninstalled WMP 9 and gave me WMP 7 - but more troubles as follows:

aWMPLAYER 7 caused an invalid page fault in
module WININET.DLL at 017f:6306a9fe.
EAX=f56c646e CS=017f EIP=6306a9fe EFLGS=00010246
EBX=04f9e108 SS=0187 ESP=04f9e048 EBP=04f9e060
ECX=e24eb430 DS=0187 ESI=f56c646f FS=82b7
EDX=f56c646e ES=0187 EDI=8319a060 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
8a 08 40 84 c9 75 f9 2b c6 8d 48 01 8b c1 c1 e9

Even after getting a validation code from the Microsoft site
this download gives the above error message.
Funny thing though is that Real Player which is my default plays
on the site just great. So the site is okay - my sound system is okay
so is their any help for me. I really want to reinstall WMP 9 - I do have it
on disk. Any help would be so much appreciated. I am a shut in
and listening to Coast is so great for me. Thank you.
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Hi Rozmund

I can't see any problem with putting Windows Media Player 9 back in. In fact, it's rather tricky going back so many versions, so it might be file-version conflicts that are generating your current problems with WMP 7. WMP 9 is quite a bit more capable, too.

I think some of their services require Adobe's Flash player to be installed - both version 8 and 9 are compatible with Windows 98/Me. It shouldn't hurt to install that directly from Adobe --- --- You don't need to add the optional Yahoo! toolbar, though (simply uncheck the checkbox for that toolbar on the download page).

Let us know if you have any trouble after putting WMP 9 and Flash back in.

Best of luck
. . . Gary

A little note that probably doesn't concern your system, but just in case - I'll mention it:

If you have Zone Alarm Pro installed, they have a procedure for configuring that to work with the streamlink service --- --- but I don't think that this is the sort of trouble you're having at this point (you'd be seeing ZoneAlarm warnings, and RealPlayer wouldn't work either) --- but I figured I give you the link to the instructions, in case you ever need them.
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WMP Streamlink problems

Gary, thanks so much - I will attempt this...Roz
Another day, another WMP 9 problem - found by looking through my
Belarc profile that 6 critical hot fixes were deleted when we uninstalled
WMP 9 - 4 were able to reinstalled through Belarc - but 2 were too old
(no data to the public available - verified by a phone call to Microsoft Tech
Dept.) so far however -

I can not streamlink wmp 9 on but I can
download these audio programs to my desktop and then listen to them in wmp 9 that way. How could this be? It simply will not connect when
I click on the wmp icon on their website - it says connecting, then freezes and Microsoft comes up with a prompt box that says apologetically unknown error - please close down and reopen.

Any other suggestions - or technical avenue I can pursue?

Also, as an aside I see that some of these hot fixes have the same id number - for ME - would they work on win98SE ? Many thanks. Roz
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Hi again

Version 9 isn't very well supported anymore by Microsoft, since they've discontinued active support for Windows 98, too. Which hotfixes did you see that were only for WinMe and not Win98? --> I'd generally advise against trying a hotfix for a different Windows version (I imagine some simply wouldn't run). There were some fairly big changes in WinMe (some that had a few rough edges, too).

Can RealPlayer stream the service OK? It might at least give you a temporary workaround, while you explore trying to get Windows Media Player to work.

If you put Adobe's Flash in before you switched WMP from 7 back to 9, reinstall Flash again, to make sure the plugins are setup OK.

I'll stay tuned . . .
. . . Gary
Yes Gary - thank the Lord for hindsight - when I first got this honey of
a computer for an online home business,I did purchase and install RealPlayer - it but sounds terrible - no adjustment for base, etc - never did upgrade - think I am running v7 - according to my trust Belarc software
I could make it my default player and do some upgrades - (I suppose) I may have no other choice - and yes it can probably tied me over to at least listen to my precious George Noory and Art Bell. I am having a Geek from BestBuy install an external 80 GB hard drive for me next week - need help, because I only have a 1.0 UBS - and need the installation of an interface card - I sure can't handle that. Then I will back up my entire computer - so if I lose anything else, like hotfixes, while I am playing around - I will be protected. Yes? At least that is what BestBuy is telling me. Just born 50 years to date I guess - but never say die. Thanks so much for keeping in touch. I know of a few people who have gone back to WMP 9 after installing 10 - anyhoo, gotta hang in - Roz
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