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WMP doesn't store audio cd information

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I'm running WinXP-SP2, with Windows Media Player 10, on a fairly new Dell laptop.

The problem I'm running into is this: When I play an audio CD from Windows media player (store-bought, normal album- Not burned or anything), it lists the tracks on the side as "track 1, track 2..." etc, by "Unknown Artist". If I click on "Find Album Info", a window within WMP displays the correct album name, track names, album cover art, etc... I click "finish", but in the "now playing" window, nothing has changed. All the tracks are still named by track number, the artist is still "unknown artist", etc.

I've attempted checking all the "Display & Update" checkboxes in tools > options > privacy tab, as well as "retrieve additional info from the internet" in the corresponding library tab.

I've confirmed this is an issue with this machine and not the CD's, by playing them on a different computer, also with XP-SP2 and WMP-10, with identical settings, and all the information downloads and is displayed correctly.

Also, I have Musicmatch Jukebox installed on this computer, though I don't use it. I've noticed that occasionally searching for album info takes me to a Musicmatch page in WMP, but I'm not sure if it's related...

Help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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Here's the advice from Microsoft;

If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, do the following in Internet Explorer:
On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.
In Temporary Internet Files, click Delete Files.
- or -
Click Settings, and then increase the size of the cache.
Thanks for the suggestion, but didn't work.

I emptied the cache, increased the size (it was already at 252 megs?? Must be based on ratio to free space, I guess), but still, no luck.
In Windows Media Player, go to Tools > Options > Media Library tab, and enable 'Update my music files by retrieving missing media information from the internet'

And in the Privacy tab, 'Retrieve media information for CDs and DVDs fom the internet'.

I've never used WMP for playing CDs (prefer Winamp) but I've just changed these settings in WMP-9 and it works... before it just said 'track 01' etc but now the correct info appears in Media Library and Now Playing.
The names and exact wording are different in Media Player 10, but I'd already done the equivalent... Not working.

Much appreciated, though.
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