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Wireless Router seems to need more wires...

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I've got a new computer set up:
Dell w/Pent 4
Windows XP
Roadrunner Internet
and a brand new Linksys Wireless-G router. The box says it's easy to set up!

The guy at Best Buys didn't mention buying a Network Adapter, but the minimum requirements on the box says I need one. I've connected the router to the internet modem successfully; and there is a cable connecting the PC to the router. What's the problem?!

The set up software pops up with a message that I need to check the connection betwn the PC and the router, or press the router's reset button. I've done both, but still nada.

Is it because of lack of adapter? How do I check the system to find a built-in adapter, or am I wasting time looking since wireless adapters aren't a standard piece of equipment on new systems?

The site behind my desk is already a fire hazard with all of the cables and plugs. How many more gadgets will I need to plug in?

Any help would be appreciated,
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To use the wireless feature you will need to get your self a Wireless NIC Card.
Once you gett the Wireless NIC card you can set it up to use wireless over wired.

Forget about the Install CD.
Open up your browser and enter this will get you in your router config password is admin
Once you are in there you will see lots of tabs and it will allow you to set up your router.
You don't need the wireless adapter if you are connecting with a CAT5 cable.

If you have a DOCSIS cable modem, the procedure should be easy.

Configure your PC to automatically obtain an IP and DNS address.

Reset the router to factory defaults.

Turn everything off.

Plug the modem into the WAN (Internet) port of the router.

Plug the PC into one of the LAN ports of the router.

Turn on the cable modem, wait for a data light.

Turn on the router, wait for a couple minutes.

Boot the PC.

If this is a DSL account, you'll probably need to actually do some configuration of the router.
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Easy way out...

I ended up going back to Best Buys and purchasing a Linksys USB Network adapter. Dell doesn't like it when people open up their cases and expect to still use their warranty on a new system.

My problem is now how to figure out what security functions to activate. The Linksys router and adapter came with Norton security. Any suggestions on what best to use, and how?

Thank you,
If you have anything with the "Norton" brand on it, do not install it. If you have anything Norton on your PC, uninstall it immediately.

Seriously, though, you need some antivirus software on your PC's. There are good, long, information-filled (and opinion-filled) threads elsewhere on this board about good antivirus/antispyware programs.

Antivirus concerns aside, you don't need Norton programs for security with a router and a NAT connection. If you don't set up any "port forwarding" in your router, you are completely protected by the router's NAT (Network Address Translation) against any attack from the outside.

The only concern is getting spyware or <gasp!> viruses on one of your computers who might make an outgoing connection to carry out their evil deeds. Windows Firewall does an adequate job of protecting against this if you set it up right.

Norton or other 3rd-party firewalls will only get in your way.

My $0.02 (as we used to say in the old days of USENET)

- The Inspector
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