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Wireless Router Help -- For the complete Idiot

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Hi, just recently, I was shopping at Staples and all. I have a Dell Laptop and decided to get a wireless router so I could connect in the privacy of my own room.

I Purchased:
U.S. Robotics Wireless Router + PC Card
Kit Model # USR5471-BP
Kit Contents: USR5461 Maxg Wireless Router
USR5411 Wireless Maxg PC Card
Installation Guide
Installation CD-Rom
Wireless Router Power supply
Ethrenet Cable

So, following the instruction on the guide, thinking this would only be a matter of hooking up cables and installing stuff, I was able to successfully install the hardware and stuff for the PC CArd on my Laptop.
Yes, I recived a connection.
However, I couldn't surf te web, access anything on the interent and stuff. I suspect this is because the LAN Cable is unplugged.

Looking to my Demension, I had properly hooked all the nessecary cables in their correct and accurate places in the Router. Another problem. After hooking all the cables, I couldn't access the internet on my Demnsion.

So Basically:
Laptop Situation:
Good: Reciveing Connection From Router.
Bad: Can't access internet.... Suspects it is due to Unplugged LAN Cable.

Desktop Situation:
Good: -----
Bad: After properly hooking up all the cables, I still couldn't access internet.

Problem: Can't access internet, go on the web, or anything even though I think I did everything correctly.

Yes, I'm not very good at this stuff... So if anyone could just essentially walk-me-through the whole process or provide me a link to a similar guide... I'd be grateful. Thnaks! :4-dontkno :4-dontkno
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1st we need to know what kind of internet connection you have. To setup the router you will have to plug into the router via an ethernet cable to set up the router. The setup instructions should have come with your router.
Turn everything off.

Connect the broadband modem to the WAN (Internet) port of the router.

Connect the desktop PC to one of the LAN ports of the router.

Turn on the broadband modem, wait for a solid connect light.

Turn on the router, wait for about two minutes.

Boot the PC and see if you're connected.
One thing I always make sure to do is find the latest firmware. I bought a linksys router and I was having the same problem. Turns out the firmware was 2 or 3 releases behind the current one. I updated and it worked fine. Good luck :)
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