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wireless repeater basic questions

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Newbie here with basic questions. I am searching for solutions to have free internet at home. I found some online sources about how to collect a wifi signal, from using a wok to an old sat TV dish. These devices seem to be geared to home wifi users.

I also just discovered there are wireless repeaters - but they seem geared to boosting a signal in a home, not in public, like a cell phone tower.

What I wonder is this: can I use a wireless repeater to boost the signal from Dunkin Donuts down the street? Can a repeater pick up a signal from that far away or would I need to locate the repeater near the wifi source?

Don't I have to know the ISP address and network parameters to have it work? Does a Universal Wireless Repeater solve that problem, and simply boost the signal and make it travel father, and would it travel far enough so I could pick it up at home?

Could I make a universal repeater and put it in a tree or somewhere with a photovoltaic power system and get the signal at my home, several blocks from the source (Dunkin Donuts)?

Sorry for so many questions - I am not tech savvy and need any help you can offer. Thanks.
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Basically you are stealing internet - "Dunkin Donuts down the street" supplies internet for its customers - NOT for people living in the area
Otherwise you will be stealing internet from home uses who have not secured their wireless signal
Not a lot different to someone leaving their front door open and you going in an helping yourself to the goods
So I'm afraid I will NOT help you and I have requested a moderator to review post
User is requesting support for illegal activities.....stealing internet access.

Thread closed.
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