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Wireless problems

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Hi all, first post here though I've been here several times before checking up on other issues. That said, let me get down to the nitty gritty.

I have a desktop computer (2.8 Ghz P4, 2.5 GB DDR2 RAM, NVidia 7600GS [I think, don't remember specifically xD]) with a Linksys wireless adapter and a Linksys WRT54G wireless router.

Ever since I set it up, I've been having sporadic problems, but since I've started playing World of Warcraft, I've noticed that I have serious connectivity issues while playing that particular game. I'll be playing just fine and, suddenly, big lag spike and I'll be frozen in-game. Normally I can browse the net just fine while that's lagging out, but lately I've begun minimizing immediately and noticing that my connection appears to have failed, and that may be the reason WoW is "lagging" out.

That said, I've tried various things, including updating the router's firmware (It should be fine at the moment), resetting the router/modem and my computer, reconnected to the wireless network, tried various things with functions like TxBurst and whatnot, and all with no luck. I recently tried reducing all graphical settings to the bare minimum and set resolution to 1024x768, and that actually seemed to help the issue a little bit, but it just happened again while we were fighting a boss.

Now, I'd be posting this in the WoW forums, except it appears that the reason for the lag-out, as I said before, is that the wireless connection actually gives out on me.

Currently there is one other computer (with Vista) on the wireless network.

So, I'd appreciate any and all help you could give me, and I'm more than willing to provide whatever information is needed. Thanks a bunch for your time!
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The wired connection works as of the last time I tried it (which was perhaps 8-12 months ago when I reimaged my HDD). I have also tried changing channels previous to this when I had, in your words, a host of other issues with my wireless connection always dropping out. I believe I'm on Channel 11 currently.

Some things I forgot to mention: the router is on the first floor of an old house (103-ish years old) and my computer is on the opposite side on the second floor. I'd say 30-ish feet max between the two, plus a door/doorjamb.
So I take it you believe the issue is my range from the router? I thought 20-30ft was alright, but is that a little too far?
I apologize, but I guess I'm missing something, then. You posted links to range-increasing equipment, but then tell me my distance shouldn't be a factor- that kinda confuses me. xD
Ah, alright! Well, I'll look into that. Thanks a lot!
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