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Wireless network

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Good day people. I have a problem with my dell wireless network. It was searching fine some days ago and all of a sudden, it could not search. It shows "not connected but connections are available". I went to the device manager, and i saw a yellow triangle, and in the property, "it says the device cannot start. (code 10)". Please somebody should help me. Thanks. My laptop model is N5030 (dell)
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using your service TAG number on a label on the PC somewhere goto the dell website and download and re-install the driver for that adapter

TAG Number
Dell - Support

Dell Driver and support site
Welcome to Home User Support

direct link to drivers for that model
Dell - Drivers and Downloads

If you have a choice of drivers you can identify the hardware doing this
right click on the device with a yellow!
Click on the Details Tab
Under Property - drop down
Select hardware ids
Right click and select all.
Then right click again and select copy.
Copy and paste that here.

The Hardware ID's. VEN & DEV. Look them up here.
PCI Vendor and Device Lists
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