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Hello guys, my wireless network adapter keeps crashing lately (again). It's been this way since October kind of. In October, my laptop would have the wifi fail, (wifi signal replaced with a sphere icon thing, says "can't connect" on any network, turning wifi on and off will clear all connections from being seen) and claim that there is a problem with my network adapter, it's only fix would be to restart the computer. It would happen only at night for some reason. I got a technician to analyze my laptop, and he cleaned my computer (inside by reinstalling Windows, and outside in the hardware.) He programmed me an app that is a button to reset my network adapter if the problem occurs again.

Fast forward to right now, the network adapter is getting worse and more random, it will crash no matter the time, if im gaming, watching youtube, or literally AFK, with no similarity of time spent between each "event". In the past few days, it's also crashed once and not returned unless I force a shutdown. Also when i look at the Network Adapter in Device Manager, it will have all sorts of errors: from "This device is not connected properly" to straight up "This device isn't working".
example error messages from October:
Other notable differences from last time, I currently don't have like 10 LiveKernelEvent in my Reliability history. my keyboard is not exactly cold the first time. (Although I did get a LiveKernelEvent ID: 141 just a bit earlier where my display died for a second)
Lastly, I wanna mention how I see the same no internet sphere Icon whenever I wake my laptop, as it slowly identifies my internet.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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