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wireless connection...?

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Ok heres my huge problem.
In a week or so im moving out to a friends place and they dont have (and dont want) the internet connected there.
Im buying a laptop shortly, and i was just wondering if there was anything i can do to connect the net without interrupting their phone line.

The place is about 35 kilometers out of town and mobile range isnt very good at all, and broadband adsl cant be connected there because the signal isnt strong enough or something.
Im gonna be completely lost without the net on heh, is there ANYTHING i can do to get it connected?

Ive heard about wireless network cards, wireless access points (that you can buy), routers and all that jazz but im just completely unsure if anything will work for me....please help me!!

(I apologize if this post is in the wrong place)
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ok, after your third post in 5 mins, i am starting to actually get a little vexed.

this is the correct place for your thread.

please stop making new threads.

having more than one copy of your question will not help people see it.

please. please stick to one thread.
I think you're limited to either dial-up or satellite connections. It appears that cable or DSL will probably not be an option there. For dial-up, you'll have to buy a separate phone line I would guess.
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