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I originally posted this in the games console support forum - It may be more appropriate in here :

Please bear with me as I am only an occasional user of the forum and I apologise if a query similar to mine is already posted.
I have just bought an Xbox 360 for my son's christmas and am tapped out and can't afford the microsoft wireless adapter. I would like to connect the Xbox wirelessly to the laptop in his room so he can play online games and also watch films etc. stored on his Laptop on the Xbox. - some details :
Laptop gets online wirelessly through Orange Livebox, Laptop is running on Windows XP.
I have at home a spare BelkinADSL Modem with wireless G Router model F5D7632-4 and a WIFI max for PSP which has with it an 802.11g WLAN Compact USB Adapter.

Will any of the above kit let me connect the Xbox to the Laptop wirelessly so I don't have to use an ethernet cable between the two? If so can someone tell me how ?

Thanks in advance
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