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Hi all,

I'm an intermediate computer user by all accounts, and usually manage to muddle through and fix problems I have. However my wireless network connection at the moment is really ropey and I was hoping someone might be able to help.

I'm using a Belkin USB Wireless receiver and its software to configure my connection. When I first start up, the connection says "connected" but when I try to load any internet pages, it says the page can't be displayed. If I try to "Repair" the connection, it hangs on "Disabling the Wireless Network Adapter" and I have to reboot my computer to fix it. The only way to make it work, as I have discovered through trial and error, is to right-click on the Wireless Monitor icon in the tray, enable WZC, let the connection try to connect using WZC, when it fails I then disable WZC, it tries to connect again and always says "Limited or No Connectivity". If I then "Repair" it fixes it and everything is fine. My connection also randomly drops to "Limited or No Connectivity" every now and then even though I always have the full 5 bar signal, and when I repair it's 50/50 whether it works, or hangs on "Disabling the wireless network adapter".

I've just noticed that, when opening up the Wireless Network Connection Status, that I currently have 215,000 packets received but 0 sent. That's surely not right? I don't have a problem with my connection, as I'm writing and posting this message, but could this be contributing to the problem? I've done a full deep virus scan recently with BitDefender and it found no problems.

I'm running Windows XP Home, SP3. I know you guys normally list all your hardware information now but I have no idea what it all is, so if you need to know then just tell me how to find out! Also the router is a Thomson TG585 v7 that we got from BeThere Broadband when we signed up for their top package.

I hope you can help!

Mike :pray:
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