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Wireless and Wired network

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Seeking help with my LAN.

Set up: Wired Router in which my desktop is connected to. Also connected to the router is a WAP. I have a few things connected wirelessly (Logitech Revue, Samsung Netbook, Laptop...)

I am unable to see any of the wireless devices from my desktop computer, or ping them. That are set up on two different subnets (wired: 192.168.0.x and wireless: 192.168.1.x)

firewalls are off on all computers. currently I am just trying to connect my netbook and my desktop which are both running windows 7.

any help or hints at what I could do to resolve this would be appreciated. Both my Router and WAP are made by on-Q Legrand.

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Hi jlritten,

Since they are on diff subnets, your network devices won't be able to communicate.

To resolve this issue, your main router needs to be untouched in terms of router settings, the second router needs to have DHCP disabled and assign a Static IP within Router's A's DHCP range. More info. on how to do this by following John Will's guide here - Post# 5.
I'll give this a try, thanks a lot for the quick response
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