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I have been trying to solve a problem on a friends computer. The desktop PC connects wirelessly to a BT home hub. The wireless adapter is a Voyager 1055 USB adapter.
I can manually open the wireless utility (in the system tray) and connect to the Home Hub, (scan wireless network, connect etc) the home hub assigns a DHCP network address in the range - 253 to the voyager adapter and I can connect to the internet.
However on reboot the Voyager adapter fails to recieve a DHCP address from the BT HomeHub and internet connectivity fails. The voyager adapter then is assigned 169.254.x.x (windows address range).

Computer is Win XP SP1, I have verified hub is working with another laptop and also tried a new wireless adapter.

The wireless adapter is being manager by the Voyager 1055 utility so the windows service WZC is disabled.
Other windows services running (automatic are)
DNS client
DHCP client
If I open a promt and type
ipconfig /release
ipconfig /renew
I get an error message renewing the dhcp address (stupidly I forgot to write down the exact message)

I have a feeling this is DHCP related, but have tried setting the adapter to use a fixed address e.g. and still have disconnection problems after a reboot.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions or help on this.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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