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Wired connection always has trouble connecting to sites

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My wired connection has this on/off problem where it can't connect to websites often and is much slower than my WiFi devices. It happens on all wired connections on the router. Occasionally the internet works completely fine on the wired connection. However, all WiFi devices work fine even when the wired connections have problems
I've tried changing DNS and updating device software but it didn't do much to help. Happened for a long time now (from Windows 7 computers to Windows 10).

What can I do?
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Please post the following from the wired computer
ipconfig /all results

From a wifi connected computer post
ipconfig /all
xirrus wifi inspector screen shot [xirrus is a free download. You can also use ssider and others if you desire.]
You picked a server in Vancouver, British Columbia for the speed test. Test says you are in California. Pick a server in your area to test against. The farther away the more variables for the test.

Did you update the nic driver? If not here is a link
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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