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WinXP Pro Confusion

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Well, I have Windows 98 SE installed on my machine now, but I am trying to upgrade to WinXP Pro... Every time I start the setup for it (fresh install or upgrade, same error) I get a blue screen. What it says is that "a kernal thread termintated while holding a mutex" and I have NO idea what that means. It also tells me to turn off BIOS cacheing and shadowing. I turn off my BIOS guardian and all chacheing and shadowing, and it still gives me this error.

The message says that hardware could be the problem, but the WinXP upgrade advisor says that my modem is the only problem, so I got a new one. It says that this one might need additional files. I have removed it and tried to setup again. Guess what? Same error.

I reinstalled the new modem and downloaded the latest BIOS version from their website. I installed that, and it still gave me the error. (If you think READING about it is annoying, try GETTING the damn thing!) That's all I have done so far to try and fix it.

My friend says that I should post my hardware configuration, too so... *hopes this is enough information*

1st Mainboard (aka: FIC, VIA I don't know which) model AZ11E

AMD Duron 900MHz processor

256 Megs of RAM

NVIDEA GeForce2 MX-400 (TV-out) 64 Meg Video Card

Sound is from the onboard motherboard support

And the ever so popular modem:

SoftK56 Data Fax Voice Speakerphone CAR

20 Gig hard drive (not sure on manufacturer)

That's it. I don't know if that's in the right format or if it's what you need to know or not... Please ask me about anything you need to know to fix this error. Any help with this is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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Welcome to Tech Support Forums Dalame.....:D

What I would do would be to take the cover off of the machine and find out what brand of hard drive you have in there.

Then post back here and we can take it from there.......:winking:
I've heard that it might be the video card... Some people say to take it out then install XP. Afterwards, I'm supposed to put it in again to install it. Do you think that could be it? I'm not at home right now, so I can't check the hard drive. If you want, I can post tommorrow...
I am kind of confused.............if you take your video card out how do you see anything on your monitor?

Just asking! Maybe there is something to it. I'm not using XP so I am not sure and never heard of that theory before.

Good luck,

They probably meant take it out and reseat it. Unless they know something we don't....:winkgrin:
Did a search for .... a kernal thread termintated while holding a mutex ... and found NOTHING... on

did a search on Tech Net and recived

Content that matches your query is not available at this time. However, Microsoft adds new documents regularly, and may provide information similar to what you are looking for in the future.

are you posting the right error???:confused:
You spelled it wrong. It's kernEl.
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