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WinXP frozen in time!!

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Hello friends...
I'm facing a serious problem here.....
I'm using windows xp sp2 & the problem is whenever i start up the system;
it boots up & gets stuck at the 'winXP loading' screen for doesn't get loaded at all...what could be the possible reason for this?...& how can i fix this?..kindly provide a solution....& in case if its a virus attack i may lose the valuable info on my hard disk so how can i back up the contents of the hard disk without standing the chance of losing it..
thank you.
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Assuming it never boots here.

Remove the drive and install in another PC as slave drive. You should be able to get off what need. Then you can start checking out problems.

Make sure that it has least 10% free space. Also if the drive is more than a couple of years old, need to check to make sure it is not dying.

But get every thing you want off it first.

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