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WinXP explorer window freezes when accessing Win2000

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Hi... new here, and I have (as I guess everyone does) a problem I need help with...

I'm helping upgrade an office from having a Win2000 Server and 2 Win2000 workstations to having the server and 3 WinXP Pro laptops. Once the process is complete the Win2000 workstations will not exist on the network. I've set up the laptops, and we're at the stage of getting the final things in place, like links to the server, etc., but I'm running into a problem when accessing the server from the laptops. The Windows networking seems to be set up correctly - the XP laptops see the server and I have mapped network drives to shares on the server. If I browse into one of the server shares, that seems to work ok too, XP even shows me thumbnails of images on the server. But as soon as I try to drag something over, either to copy it or make a shortcut, or if i try to open say a word document over the network, the Explorer window I'm in freezes up and I have to go into the task manager to end it. One of the apps they run is QuickBooks, and they keep the company file on ther server, and the same problem happens from within QuickBooks when trying to open the file. The "open file" dialog displays the contents of the share correctly, but when I try to select the company file and open it, the window freezes.

Here's some specs of the equipment in question:

Laptops (3 brand spanking new and identical, I'm just working on one until I resolve the issue):
WinXP Pro SP 2
TCP/IP (address acquired by DHCP)
NetBIOS over TCP/IP enabled
WinXP personal firewall turned off
Norton Internet Security personal firewall turned off
File/Printer sharing turned on (although they are not sharing anything)
Client for MS Networks (should be configured correctly - XP systems see the server and can map shares)

Win2000 Server SP4
TCP/IP static address (not in the DHCP served range)
NetBIOS over TCP/IP enabled
File/Printer sharing maximized for filesharing
*NOT* a domain controller - just a server on the same workgroup as the XP systems

Any ideas? I'm comfortable mucking around in the registry as long as someone tells me exactly what to do. And I'm trying to avoid upgrading the server to XP.

Thanks in advance,

- Dylan Cristy
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I have a few suggestions you could have a look at. First you can remove netbios over TCP/IP as it is not used in a windows 2000 environment nor with XP, it is for backward compatability with older OS.

Second, in folder options disable simple file sharing. The box should be unchecked.

No need to upgrade server to XP have the laptops joined the domain?

andy, thanks for the reply.

the server is not a domain controller, so the laptops have technically not "joined" the domain. they're all just on the same workgroup. does the server need to be set up as a d.c.?

when i disabled netbios over tcp/ip, the computer would disappear from the workgroup. i.e. when i disabled it on a laptop, that laptop no longer saw any of the other systems in the workgroup, and when it was enabled on the laptop but disabled on the server, the laptop could see the other laptops / workstations, but not the server. so as of right now i've re-enabled it everywhere so i can at least see all the systems in the workgroup.

i disabled simple filesharing on the laptop, but the problem remains. my basic test is browsing into a share on the server (through a mapped drive) and trying to drag a document to the desktop. the weird thing is, the actual process that is crashing (listed as "not responding" in the task manager) is "drag". it lists "drag" as not responding, as well as two instances of the folder i have open (both not responding), which is also a bit odd because i only open one window...
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quick addendum -

since i actually hadn't tested it before, i just went ahead and tested the filesharing between the laptops...

with file/printer sharing installed on the network adapter, but "simple filesharing" disabled through the folder options (on both laptops), i was successfully able to drag a document from the shared docs folder of one system and copy it to the desktop of the other system. this worked both ways (laptop A to laptop B, and reverse). so it would seem that the problem really is between xp and 2000...
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