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winxp and restore function

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hi again.back with another nutty it possible to remove restore points , for egs if one point is virus infected can it be deleted?if yes, how do i go about deleting the point?also, could someone tell me the name/path of the folder in which the restore points and files are kept?(sorry am a noob with xp-not saying i am any great shakes with older windows version either)
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also kindly tell me how i can delete the index.dat file in xp? :grin:
c/panel/system/system restore tab
turn off system restore and then back on again
whenever you do any cleaning virus ect, you need to do this for help with cleaning,use greyknights instructions here
If you use Windows XP pro you will need to disable simple file sharing.
Open My Computer and go to Tools, Folder Options, View, and uncheck the
last entry simple file sharing.

You can delete the Restore points but you should be confident when
the virus infected the system and then delete all the restore points
after that date.

It's located in the c:\System Volume Information\_restore{41D13
folder. You will need to right click on this folder and add your account
to the Security Tab, then once you delete the restore points, remove
your account from the Security Tab.

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"It's located in the c:\System Volume Information\_restore{41D13
folder"<<i have tried looking for a folder named "system volume information" but cant find any.tried enabling hidden/system files but no go.what am i doing wrong? :4-dontkno
It's in the root of C: and to be clear you stated that you did
uncheck the Hide protected operating system files and show
hidden files and folders in My Computer, Tools, options, view, right?
yessir i did unhide system files but still cannot find a "system volume info"folder in c: ummm is it in c:\windows\? :4-dontkno
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