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i have been having some connection problem with the IE7 whenever i am using simultaneously a p2p program.when i try browsing the internet with IE7 it displays a message that it cannot display the webpage..http error 12009 i`m using windows live messenger as well and when i tried to write to my contacts,, it said that i cant send any more messages as i have exceeded the max number of messages per minute..????
i ran the network diagnose tool,, and it said that the problem is with the winsock provider catalog and that it needs to be resetted,, i did this and restarted my computer,, adn trie IE,, works fine
but when i put the p2p program i tried using the IE,worked fine for abt 2-3 minutes but gave the same error after .windows live messenger didnt want to connect to the service then.
read some threads in some forums,, including microsoft,, did the following things:

using the netsh cmd,, reset the winsock, rebooted, reset the winsock catalog,rebooted and deleted the registry entries of winsock and rebooted my computer
tried again the internet and IE works fine untill my p2p program downloading speed is low.
i tried to run only IE and windows live messenger... windows live messenger works fine utill now,, but i got the same problems with IE,, cannot display page...i even tried the winsockxpfix program,, made the changes but nothing changed concerning the problem..
i realised that if i use only the IE and no other program that is using high bandwith or opening sockets, then IE works fine., which means that i can use only 1 application for internet at a time..
i even downloaded malicious software removal tool from microsoft,, but it didnt find anything....

i really need some help with this... i can find any other solution....

i wrote this post before and i understand that help cannot be provided regarding p2p according to the rules..
the thing is that i am getting the same problem even without using any p2p program.. just that i was downloading a file from the internet sixe of abt 100mb, using IE regular download,, but during this time that my bandwidth is being used,, IE gives me the same error 'cannot display page because i`m not connected to the internet' but the file is actually downloading
i have run the network diagnostic tool several times and resetted the winsock provider catalog several times and rebooted god knows how many times for this.... but i still get the same error message.
please i really require some serious help here..
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