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Winow 7 crashes programs

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Icons on desk most are unresponsive or start and crash. Slow startup after reboot. Checked for spyware and virus. Negative. Did not install any new software oir hardware but simply closed computer and had issues the next day upon starting. WOULD NOT RESTORE to ANY previous date saying unable to restore original directory or something similar. Did registry clean, cc cleaner, spyware and virus check with Avast vand Super Anti Spyware. Negative. Some times in a restart it becomes unresponsive and freezes before desktop when i enter password. I do remember computer running very very slow before i had shut it off and experienced the problem a day later. I have a HP computer 64 bit i970 320 processor 12GB Ram
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Have you had any sort of error messages?

The anti-virus you used, I assume is to update?

Something to initially try, if you can get into the command prompt before the system freezes that is...

(This is in a Windows 7 area but your profile says XP??)
> - Start
> - Type cmd.exe and run the command prompt as administrator
(If XP) - after clicking start and type cmd.exe, hit enter
> - It will ask if you wish to restart your system, just type Y and hit enter.
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