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WinNT login , NO local MACHINE shows up to login

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I have an administrator password to the local machine running winNT, however when it boots up to the login screen, there is only an option to login to DOMAINS, all of which do not exist anymore as the machine was given to us from another department. Is there a way to login to the local machine besides through the main login prompt?

Maybe a way to delete the configuration that sets up the initial login screen to only allow domains?

If someone knows how to do this please let me know, or any advice. Even editing the registry with a hack tool is an option I guess.

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In the world of NT there are two types of machines. Workstations and Servers. The server they can be broken down into Member servers and Domain Controllers.

You need to select the entry on the domain list which matches the name of the computer. This does assume that you know the name of the machine. If this entry exists you have a Member server or a workstation. You should know if it is a Server or Workstation from the splash screen at startup.

If no entry on the list matches the machine then the machine is a Domain Controller for the domain.

If you are sure you have the password for the administrator account then try accessing the machine with this account for each of the entries on the list.

If we are taking about NT 4.0, Once the machine is a Domain controller there is nothing the can be done to change this except a rebuild. Windows 2000 there is.

For a member server that is part of a domain you have more flexability. It can be change to a workgroup, once you have logged onto the machine as a Admin.

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