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Winfast A6600 GT TDH problems

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Hi everyone,
My brother had bought me this new video card for my birthday in around May of 2006 and I had managed to use it fine for about 2-3 months before things went wrong. When I played games which required using the video card, my computer would reboot randomly. After a few days, I got annoyed and changed my video card back to my old GeForce 4 and all went well. A week later I tried to use the 6600 GT video card again and found that when I used my computer, doing anything, it would reboot and if I went to play some games, the screen would go all funny and have random colours in patterns on the entire screen causing me to be unable to make out anything.

Power supply - 500w Super Silent Power Supply with SATA Power Connecter and Power Switch
Motherboard - ASRock, P4S61, Socket 478 (?)
CPU - Intel Pentium 4, 3.0GHz
RAM - 768MB (256+512)
Video Card - Winfast A6600 GT TDH, 128MB
Hard Drive - 80 GB.
OS - Windows XP Pro SP2.

Any help would be appreciated.
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This sounds like a case of not either not enough power or overheating issues.
Try taking off the side of your case and aiming a household fan at it while playing games. If it still reboots randomly I would suggest getting a better PSU.
I have a evga 6600gt and i'm having the same problems. I'm going to take appart the heatsink and fan and apply some new thermal compound.

What are you experiencing? Let me guess; the last 1/4 second of audio looped over and over, blue screen, and restart. Cause that's what i'm getting.
Im prusuming red snoy? The 6600gt GPU ant restart i would suggest either getting a better Power supply And perhaps a better cooling system
What i found out the best is face all the fans so the blow air All the way out.
Were ur cd rom tray is take out a slot on ur case (if that made sence) So theres airflow in
and on the other side were ur power supply is make sure all the fans are blowing in that direction
I highly dought its the PSU but u should try a better one

1 more thing try taking of ur side panel
And see if its getting to hot
And also Unintall All ur vidio drivers And reinstall fresh ones (pref ones from the cd)
and 2 Gfx cards could cause this as well. Unintall ur other one then try u 6600gt
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