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Windows XP woun't see IBM SCSI drive

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Hi all

Iam hoping someone can help me out with this problem.

I am trying to connect an IBM SCSI drive from an old blade server to a Windows XP machine using a Adaptec 2906 SCSI controller card.

I have it connected via a 50 pin cable what looks like a wider version of an IDE cable and it seems to install the card fine and I can even see the drive as "Compaq" in the device manager, but it just wount show up in My Computer.

Its even visible in XP's Disk Manager but seems to think most of the drive is unallocated space, heres a screenshot

Any ideas on how I can get the data off?
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Did you set the ID Jumper on the SCSI Hard Drive?

What is the location of the connector you on SCSI Adapter? Look at the User Guide and ensure you are using the Primary connection. On some SCSI Adapters the internal connection is the Secondary and the rear (external) connection the Primary, in this case there should be jumpers to disable the external connection and enable the internal connection. I had to do this when I worked for Unisys building Servers.

You need to set it for a Hard Drive ID that the SCSI Adapter can handle. Most SCSI Adapters I've used had IDs 0 to 8 (older ones) with ID7 reserved for the SCSI Adapter itself. So you could try ID3 on the hard drive.

Also, WinXP may need updated drivers for the SCSI Adapter, depending on how new/old it is.
Hi thanks for the reply, I can;t see any kind of jumpers on the card or the scsi drive, but I am using an adapter card to connect the 50pin to the scsi drive, that had jumper spaces which ive tried all and dosent seem to do anything, do you think maybe the adapter ive got for the cabel to the drive is dodgy?

Heres some pics

Adaptec card with 50pin external connector

Adapter for 50pin to scsi

Adapter has pins with ID0, ID1, ID2, ID3 MTR, DLY, SYN, LED

Found what look like jumper slots as end of scsi drive but they dnt seems to be right size
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