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Windows XP .rrr file extension

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I recently noticed a number of files in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\CONFIG
(and several other system-maintained directories) that have the file
extension .rrr. Examples are sam.rrr, s-1-5-19.rrr, s-1-5-21_classes.rrr.
There are also a number of log files with similar names ending in .rrr.LOG.

Should I be worried about these files?

The earliest creation date was July 12, 2005 when I ran Windows Update
and applied the critical security updeates, so I *assume* they have
something to do with Windows security. All of them (except for sam.rrr-
which contains mostly unreadable characters) are "in use" by the system
so I can't view any of them.

Thanks for any information or advice you can provide.

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I don't think XP generates any files with an RRR extention.

Maybe you installed a program that created them.
Yeah, I didn't think so either -- I did a little more looking and it seems like
the .rrr files are all versions(?) of the SAM, SECURITY, SOFTWARE and SYSTEM hives in the XP registry (or of related SIDs and Classes). They first appeared when I did the Windows Update in mid-July and don't coincide with any software installs. I am running PC-cillin firewall and antivirus and SpyBot,
which will do registry backups, but it keeps them in it's own directories.

I notice that Microsoft uses a couple of different file extensions for
different versions(?) of the hive files (like .sav, rmbak and .log) and
I was hoping this was just an unannounced new twist to their update
management process.

If not, I'm starting to get a lot more worried!

Thanks for replying! Can anyone else help?


P.S. Will be away for the Labor Day weekend -- will answer replies when
I get back -- Thnx.
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Thanks, Killakrust -- you set me thinking, and I do have another tool
that plays with the registry -- Registry Mechanic from PC Tools. Their
new version 5 has a registry compaction facility, and when I just ran it
again, it updated some of the suspect .rrr files.

I have a request in to the PC Tools support site to confirm that they
are responsible for the .rrr files. I'll follow up in this forum when I get an

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