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Ok fellas its your memory the kingston memory is crappy but any brand can be wrong even corsair but the memory i use works fine with this motherboard And it is very picky when it comes to memory. I use the Corsair DDR Twin X XMS 512-3200LLpt 400 MHz much better. well any back to the problem the reason that you can you use the machine for awhile and then it shuts off is because it will work fine untill it gets to the part of the memory that is not working and then it shuts off/Reboots. Trust me. I cant stress this enough its the memory make sure if you have more than one stick that both of them are exactly the same this is very important.

That serious error message is a memory error even if everything installed correctly its doesnt matter. The memory is wrong.

Computer Tech. Jim

Knowledge is power read it, think it, use it.

My system

ASUS P4C800 Deluxe onboard AI
2.4 GHz Cpu Hyperthread technology
1024 MB of Corsair Twin X512-3200LLPT 4x256 400 MHz Dual channel memory running @ 400 MHz
G-Force 4 Ti 4400 128 MB
SoundBlaster Audigy gamer
Zalman High speed Cpu Fan with air Funnel
Operating system XP pro with sp1

Also if you are going to run alot of memory the best way to run a gig is with two 512 sticks or 4 256 sticks on this motherboard. it doesnt handle like say the 1 gig chip that good Asus recommends
That if you want 512 that you do it like this 2x256 or 1 GB 4x256/2x512 etc.
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