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I have a similar problem. Few days ago I've started with checking and cleaning on my PC. I did following:
TrendMicro on line scanning (400 files were infected mostly with I-WormNetsky.P - deleated / cleaned)
Panda - scanning
Symantec removal tools downloaded and used
some other on line scannin (can't remember now!)
Downloaded, installed and run:
Spyboot Search and Destroy
Trojan Remover
bought and installed: Kaspersky Antivirus and Antihacker
Microsoft Windows Update: done

Anyway, as you may assume, my PC looks clean now, but the problem is that my xp now is restarting. Firstly, it was without any message showing on the screen, but just restarts in the middle of something and after restarting Error reporting pops up on my screen and before sending the error message to Microsoft I've checked the tech. details of the error and I remember that some minidump file was mentioned in WINDOWS directory and another one which I cannot remember now.
I unchecked "automatic restart" and after that xp continued to restart but this time showing blue screen with 'wellknown' text:

bla bla bla. .... 0x0000008E (0xC0000005, 0x00000000, 0xF3247C00, 0x00000000) .... bla bla bla.... "Check BIOS updates .... disable BIOS memory options such as caching and shadowing..." (no ideat what this latter means?!)

The next time it restarted showing the same message but this time also: 0xF3359C00

2. After all these cleaning and scanning jobs I did, another problem came up: My Quick Launch toolbar is dissapearing each time my pc is restarted or shutdown and turned on. Each time I have to go to toolbars and select Quick Launch in order to see it. It looks like my PC "forgets" this "setting" and I have to do it again and again each time I turned my PC on.

I am just afraid that I made some mess doing different "HELPFUL" things while browsing through Internet for different advices. 1000 PC experts, each giving another solution, and when you mix all these solutions on your PC it is even logical that it crashes!

Thank you in advance for any concrete solution you might have for the above problem.

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