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Windows XP Product Key Trouble.

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Hello. I recently had to wipe out my C Drive, causing Windows XP to want to reinstall itself. So I put in the disk, let it run, but when I got to entering my product key, I looked on my CoA, entered it correctly, and it said "Invalid Product Key" So i decided to call Microsoft and let them know, and they told me to call HP. I called HP, and they want 40$ to fix this. Is this the only way?
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What is it that they are going to do to fix it? If it is a valid key and it won't accept it then they need to give you another one to try. Is the CD you got a normal XP CD or some kind of recovery CD?
It is a recovery CD, They want to do a System Unlock or something among those lines.
That is bogus. HP sold you that key and are obligated to give it to you again. Just start asking for the manager of whoever you are talking to until you get someone that can do something about it. Be polite to those who can't do anything about it though. Politeness always will get you farther than being rude.
HP is good about sending a replacement installation ( versus restoration ) cd for a nominal charge. Call and ask for it.
Using a Recovery/Restore cd will not ask you for a key, only an OEM in my experiences. You must be using the wrong combination of cd and key. The cd you are using is probably different than the version/key on the license.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Version Identification
Windows may have been preinstalled on your computer. These installations are referred to as OEM installations. OEM software is also tied to the motherboard it is first installed on. Unlike the retail versions of Windows which can be transferred to a new computer, OEM versions are not transferable.

What does it say on the cd you are using compared to the sticker/key on the case?

Hello. I recently had to wipe out my C Drive, causing Windows XP to want to reinstall itself.
It doesnt want to do anything, you control the install.

Did you format?
I'm going to go with geekgirl on this one. Which model PC are you using? And which XP CD are you using? You're probably doing it wrong if you're using a holographic XP CD like this: Pro Booklet cvr w_CD.jpg
You can get for like 10 bucks an XP from HP that looks like this:
The difference is the latter is tailored to work only with the model it's made for (and no other), and you don't need to activate it.
If in doubt, call HP at 1-800-952-7689 and give them the serial number of your PC (it's normally on a sticker).
Thanks for the help. Turns out that the CD I was using just a recovery CD, still, it doesn't let me acces anything. It just goes right to the installation screen. Calling HP tommorow to fix this for sure.
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