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Windows XP Pro Sp2 Pentium 4 IBM shuts down randomly

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Windows XP PRO sp2 cleanly installed on IBM Pentium 4 after getting a black screen with flashing white cursor. Black screen occurred three weeks after downloading Windows XP sp3.

Computer continued to shut down during clean install and after clean install. Had to push F12 to reboot from CD Rom during clean install.

Computer shuts down randomly and will not restart. Am still trying to install antivirus, etc- the usual procedure after clean install. Have not added any new software or downloaded anything. Computer is used for checking emails. downloading child's games, word processing.

Is this a hardware problem? Any ideas?
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Welcome to TSF. :wave:

Sounds like your computer is overheating.
Unplug the computer from the wall and open the case.
Remove all dust inside with canned, compressed air.
Make sure the fans and heatsinks are clean.

Also - run chkdsk on the hard drive:
Right click the drive in "My computer" >> Properties >> Tools >> Check now. Tick both options and click "Start":

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