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Windows XP Pro Random reboot

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Ok here is the run down of my system. Asus A7V333 mother board, Athlon XP 2000+,512MB Non-Ecc PC2100, IBM Deskstar 60GB ATA-100, Leadtek Winfast A170TH 64MB GForce 4 MX420,Net gear Network card, Lite on 40/12/48 CD-RW, Creative Labs Soundblaster live. That is all of my hardware and on an average windows XP does a random reboot 3x's a day. I read someting about Microsoft taking out the blue screen and just restarting. If this is the case can anyone give me any ideas to try. Also Does anyone know how to have windows reconnect mapped network drives after a reboot. I selected the reconnectt login box but it didn't seem to work.:upset:
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Windows XP reboot

The only thing I could find on there was to uncheck the auto restart in the system prop. Not really what could be causing it any Ideas on what could be causing it?
Doesn't XP have logs like NT did? Check the Application log if XP still has it.
It has not crashed yet today. But I couldn't find any log created yesterday that told me anything. I'm sure it gets overwritten does anyone know what log file I am looking for?
I don't have XP, I have 2k. But in 2k, it's this:

start-settings-control panel-administrative tools-event viewer.

Then there's the system log, security log, and application log. It doesn't usually over write that fast unless you've done something funky too it to log every little thing.
This morning there was a blue screen with an error PFN_LIST_CORRUPT. In the event viewer there is a save dump and in the prop. it says Computer has rebooted from a bug check.
1 min. after the save dump there was a system error. Didn't tell me much about it but the file name was faultrep.dll if that is anything.
I've got the same problem with a similar system. I followed the error messege and foud out two things: the problem seems to be in some file "minidump" with some extemsion I don't remeber. Also if I send the error report I'm told it's a driver problem but I don't know which driver it could be because I just recenlty wipe my hd and started fresh. Any other sugestions?
The minidump is just what the system generates with debugging information (mostly useless), it's not the cause of the problem, it's the result. I'd start looking for the issue by making sure your hardware is solid, since random restarts are frequently hardware related.
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