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Windows XP Not Starting

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I have a Dell Demsnsion 3000, utilizing Windows XP. Recently have not been able to start Windows. ie: After Microsoft Black logo screen, Blue Windows screen appears. However, it does not reflect the usual " Windows starting Up". In fact nothing happens after.

Have attempted to boot via the F-12 start up functions including booting from Windows Re-installation/Repair CD with no success. Have attempted to start PC via F-8 "Safe" functions - with out success.

Have run internal Diagnostics and all reflect "Pass".

Any ideas???

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are you able to get in to BIOS (F2)? If so, check to see that the CD drive is listed first - if not, change it to be first and try the windows cd again (is it dell's own cd or the full windows cd?)

Able to access BIOS ( F-2). Under "Drive Config" lst item on list - Diskette Drive A --ON, 2nd Primary Master Drive ---ON, 3rd - Primary Salve Drive - ON, 4th-Primary Master Drive ...CD ROM Device. I have the Dell Re-installation CD that came with original PC purchase. Please bear with me.. I am not that Tech literate. So excuse the dumb questions. When you say 'Change it to be First..Does that mean to first, turn the Master Drive to OFF, ?? & turn Diskette Drive A to OFF?
the boot order move the cd to the first position on the list. do not turn off anything
Oscar 1: How do you physically move or change the order to the of the various items? I'l
I see where the Enter key changes things. However, I don't see where items are changed in order ie" my first item is the Diskette A Drive . How would I "move the CD item to the first position replacing the Diskette Drive?
in the boot order use arrow keys to scroll down to cd/dvd and then use the "+" sign to move up
Oscer 1. Before you replied I finally figured out how to move the CD Rom to first alternative. However, in doing so I think I messed up some other things. For one, in F-2 when I hit enter on Drive Config. I get..Primary Master Drv....Hard Drv. details show model #, type "Auto" 7 capacity. Secondly, Primary Slave Drv shows "unknown", Thirdly, Secondary Master Drv. shows "CD ROM Device - Model #, & Drive type - "AUTO". Then Secondary Slave Dr..."unknown.

Now when I try to start up from scratch I get the message "KEYBOARD FAILURE" ON THE BLACK SCREEN.

I know I played around with these items attempting to move CD Rom to lst position. The reason I say a screwed up is that when I went to f-12 to try and start from the CD ROM drive I get a message that "Primary Drive 1 NOT fOUND SAME FOR THE SECONDARY DRIVE.

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Have not heard further from anyone regarding my Windows EX problem. Has anyone had this experience? Have you tried something that worked? Is this probelm so unique that no one wants to touch it? Window still won;t boot fropm blue microsoft screen. Cannot boot from / to Safe Mode. Cannot boot from F-12 screen "CD ROM" option.
jimmyttt: Your last thread reads" Thanks" Did someone provide you with some alternatives? No one has recently provided me with any answers.... It looks like I will have to go to a Tech Shop . George
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