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Windows XP Licence Issue

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Ok, heres the story.

Last week I inherited an old Hi-grade laptop from my mum’s work which they were going to just throw away. As I like messing about with computers I asked if they would mind giving it to me and they said that's fine.

Anyway before they did that they got there in house IT man to completely remove the installed copy of windows xp. Therefore, when I turned it on all I got was a message that said "No operating system found."

No problem I thought, I'll just borrow an XP disk from a friend, install it onto the hard drive and use the serial number that’s printed on the bottom of the laptop.

I have tried that however and windows will not accept it. Obviously this laptop was using that licence code before, so how can I make it understand that the operating system was just removed?
I would have thought that once you uninstall the operating system from a machine that licence code becomes usable again?

Obviously not, can someone please help me with this.

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Make sure your using the correct version of windows. Some keys are used for only OEM/Retail so-forth
You guessed it - the Product Key printed on the machine is only valid for that copy of Windows that was pre-installed on it at the factory. That product key is now effectively 'dead' because it's not transferable to another machine or to another copy of Windows. That's the licence agreement between Microsoft, the PC manufacturer, and the original buyer of the PC.

It was rather unsporting and probably uneccessary of them to take Windows XP off it before giving you the PC. That Windows belongs to that PC for the lifetime of the PC, so by rights they could & should have left it on. All they needed to do was take all the confidential info off it, but I suppose that was too much trouble for them -- easier to wipe everything off - the rotten lot!

Now, borrowing your friends XP disc to install Windows on that PC is strictly illegal. You must buy a retail copy of XP of your own, complete with a licence and it's own product key. However, getting hold of a retail copy of XP now is going to prove difficult I think, unless you can find an independant "one off" little computer shop that builds computers to order - they will sometimes sell Windows on it's own with a licence & key, and have a network of suppliers who can still get hold of XP. Make sure they don't sell you an "upgrade" version as that will be no use to you. You need the full version.
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You can use any OEM installation disc that matches your version (( Home, Pro or MCE )to reinstall . . use the key on the sticker
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