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Windows XP Icon Problem

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Hi, okay, I have a desktop icon problem. I didn't download anything that I didn't trust. The only thing I downloaded was a package of replays for StarCraft from a very trusted site (

I was playing a game and minimized it to read a message on AIM and all of my icons were completely gone. I was thinking it was just an error so I restarted my computer and came back to see this:

The bugged icons are: CCleaner, AIM, Star Wars Galaxies, and Age of Conan.

They all work fine, except for the display error. I know this might be petty.. but it's still something that bothers me. The 'Skype' icon was bugged too, but when I went to check if it would work, it did, and it fixed it. I can't seem to get this reaction from any of the other icons.

I did a Virus Scan, SpyWare Scan, ran CCleaner, restarted, turned off, turned back on, and nothing fixes it.

I'd really appreciate some help, thanks.
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Hi Brennen !

Right-click an unused space on the desktop => properties => settings. Change the color depth and click ok. This should rebuild the icon cache. You can reset the color depth to its initial value afterwards.

Here's the information from Microsoft :
Icons randomly change to different icons

Other possible solutions :
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