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Windows Xp Home Network

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I am having a problem here and I am pulling my hair out trying to figure this out. I just loaded Windows Xp Pro on my Laptop. I have 2 other computers on my network one running Xp Pro and the other running Xp Home. My laptop can not access the shared folders on the Xp home machine and that machine can't access the laptop. Now the Xp Home is NTFS and the other machines are Fat 32. My first reaction was the file system difference. But the Xp home can access the other Fat 32 machine and that machine can access the machine with NTFS.The Laptop can access the other Fat32 machine. Does anyone have any idea of what I am missing here and a correction'

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Welcome to the board,

Anyway lets see if I got this right

3 Computers on your Network

2 Desktops:
1) XP Pro - Fat32
2) XP Home - NTFS

1 Laptop:
3) Xp Pro - Fat32

So #2 can see #1 and and #1 can see #2 and #3 can see #1 but not #2?? :confused:

Let me know if Iv got this right first, and also why are any file-systems using FAT32 as opposed to the far superior NTFS??

Also how are they networked? as far as IP addresses and subnets are you using any Domains, etc.
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Thanks for Replying


First off , yes I think you have the senerio straight.
I was using Fat 32 on the on the # 1 system because that system is a dual boot to windows 98 and Windows Xp, well really a triple boot , I now have Mandrake on that system also on a second drive. Windows 98 and Windows XP share a partioned Drive. So when I did my laptop I decided to go with Fat32.

They are networked with a D-Link Cable/dsl router so they are using the routine with as the default gateway, so in reality they are using dhcp to get there Ip addresses.

I can't see any reason why they this is not working, Do you think it would be wise to convert to NTFS on the 2 fat 32 systems and If so what is the command I know there is a way to do the conversion.

Converted to NTFS

Hi ,

I took you advice this morning and converted the 2 machines to NTFS, so all three are now NTFS. The problem still persists.

What I did realize this morning, that on the Laptop that I just installed XP Pro on yesterday , when you click on view workgroup computers, it says that Mshome is not accessiable. although it can still see me one machine I feel this may be the problem, but I have no Idea how to make the workgroup accessiable to the laptop. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Again


Well I feel pretty dumb now, after working on this all day remembered that all the One machine has Zone Alarm Pro firewall and that is what was blocking the machine. Thanks for you help.
I think I had a 24 hr brain freeze, but it is thawed now.

Thanks Again:D

once you network it doesnt matter what file system you are running (FAT 16, 32, or NTFS) once it leave the NIC it is all electrical till it arrives at the other NIC... this is why Joes win 95 Fat 16 -machine and Bobs win XP -NTFS machine can surf franks UNIX server....

Now if Bob took Joes hard drive and slaved it then he wouldnt see Joes drive....

ok i even put me back to sleep:sleep:
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