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Windows XP FreezeUp(RESOLVED)

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Windows XP FreezeUp

Thanks in advance for any help on this issue. I have been using this pc for 2 years and just a month or so ago it started to freezeup. If i am just reading email etc. it is ok. If i try to run a program that takes a little time it will freeze up and must be rebooted. I even installed system mechanic 6 to try to find this trouble but no luck. I replaced the mouse and changed wireless keyboard to wired.This computer was built by me and is my 3rd one and have great output with all i have built. I am running it with 1.8Gig Processor with 1024 memory. 1 cdrw 1 dvdrw, 1 floppy, 1 backup harddrive "MyBook" 250G and main HDD 120G. I need help or i might just replace the computer but usually i can fix anything but not this time. Help
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XP Freeze up

Hi, Just to let you know i am running the chkdsk now but wanted to add that today for three time while on my pc like reading email or viewing the home page my computer has shut down by itself and rebooted saying it has recovered from a fatel error.. However at this moment the chkdsk has found an error and is in the process of repairing it.. If you have any other ideas of what i can do please let me know and thanks for your help in this matter.
Hello and Welcome to TSF

Let the scan finish, if you still experience rebooting Right Click My Computer/Properties/Advanced/System & Recovery-Settings tab
Under System Failure uncheck Automatically Restart. You will now see a BSOD with a Stop error:
Post back the stop error message

Open the case and blow out the dust bunnies with some canned air.

Do you have another psu that is compatible with your system to try?
XP Freeze up

Hi and thanks for your reply to my post.. I did what you said and this is what it says.. Small memory Dump 64kb then under that it says %SystemRoot%\Minidump

Other then that i did also remove my new video card Radeon 7000 and put back my older version.. Still not much of a change...
will run chkdsk again before i get back on line and then will check back in a while to see if you replied.
Thanks x100
Dave plz keep all replies in this thread, others may be able to help where I cant

Via PM
***Stop: oxoooooo8E (oxcoooooo5,oxEFDEC777,oxFAoAD44,oxoooooooo)
***NAVEX15.sys-Address EPDEC777 base AT EFD92000, Date Stamp 4512db20

Beginning Dump of Physical Memory
Seems your Norton may be causing you have a valid subscription?

Do you have a cd for it or was this a download? Do you have the .exe located somewhere?

Here is some info:

Now that link is not the exact error you are having, my suggestion would be to remove Norton all together but if your paying for it you might as well use it till it expires.
Try reinstalling if you have the cd /.exe file
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XP Freeze up

Hi, Yes i have used norton for at least 10 years only this year i purchased the cd of norton internet security since i have 2 desktop computers and a laptop. I thought the message i was getting looked like something to do with norton but just could not figure it out.. i have unstalled it and getting ready to reinstall it once again and will let you know the out come.

thanks again
Sent via PM & email :4-thatsba
I did take out the norton and downloaded AVG free version for a day and all seemed to be ok.. Then i removed it and reinstalled my paid for version of Norton internet Security and upon loading the virus updates i got another blue screen which reads different from before and reads as follows:
Stop: oxoooooo8E,(oxCoooooo5, oxBF8B3968,oxEFC23B2C,oxoooooooo)

win32k.sys-Address BF8B3968 base at BF800000,DateStamp 43446158

Now i did go to the link for the norton you posted but it does not help at all.. I was running this norton for a few months before i started with this problem as well it is installed on my laptop and 1 other desktop with no problems at all.. let me know what you think about this last message i got on the blue screen.

Thanks a bunch

I will discontinue assisting you if you do not abide by my request to NOT send me emails or pms. As I said before, post your information in this thread so others may jump in and help you with your issue. I am very busy and my real-life responsibilities has not left me with much free time to dedicate to your issue. This is leaving you waiting for a reply

With that said, run the Windows Memory Diagnostic Test

The Windows Memory Diagnostic tests the Random Access Memory (RAM) on your computer for errors. The diagnostic includes a comprehensive set of memory tests. If you are experiencing problems while running Windows, you can use the diagnostic to determine whether the problems are caused by failing hardware, such as RAM or the memory system of your motherboard. Windows Memory Diagnostic is designed to be easy and fast. On most configurations, you can download the diagnostic, read the documentation, run the test and complete the first test pass in less than 30 minutes.

I also want you to run memtest

The stop error leaves me to believe that you may be having a memory issue

Post back your findings in this thread
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Windows XP Freezeup

Hi, Thanks so much for your help and it was a bad memory chip, which for sure was of the biggest problem. The Mem test did not detect it but though your decision of testing, afterwards i removed all the memory and placed one at a time, turning on the system. Once i placed the 1 bad chip in slot one and turned on the system and got only beeping, it was evident it was the problem. I then disgarded the chip and sold the system once i cleaned up the harddrive. I decided to purchase a Brand New Top of the Line System.
You are for sure someone who knows computers very well. I will continue to post other issues i may come across on my other older systems, and know for sure this is The Best Forum I have ever used.
Thanks 1000x
Daveloves :wave:
for future reference
you always run memtest on 1 stick at a time
Im glad you got it sorted Dave, stop back anytime
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