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Windows XP ,add remove programs

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anyone know another way to get to add remove programs ,i can't get in it by clicking it
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is it a virus....;en-us;Q311446

is there an error when you open it

what exactly are you trying to do...have you booted to the XP cd and ran upgrade again to repair the install....

dont do any of this till you recover your deleted items...or they will be gone for good
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i have no idea where the cd is so i can't boot and repair the install

and when i click to go to add remove programs it doesn't do anything
well i got all the options in the control pannel working again

i went to control panel ,performance and maintance then went to system, i looked at everything on those tabs and i clicked on options here and there and then put them back to how they were before and then i went to try to see if it worked and it did

so that leaves me with one more problem and that is for example ....on yahoo messenger everything is normal except when someone messages's me i can't read what they are saying and when i type something i can read it until i press enter then i can't read that either

and i already uninstalled yahoo messenger and that didn't solve the problem (aol,msn messengers still work with no problem)
the computer is back to normal

so...what fixed the Yahoo problem???:confused:

java script or java client. it was a language thing that got messed up so it got reninstalled
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