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Windows wont update

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Just went thru an 8 week period in which my pc has been down because of a bad graphics card. Took me that long to get a new one.
Long story short, I am now getting an error report that windows wont update. Even manually.
The error code is - 80072F8F
I also notice that my pc clock is WAY off and it wont update either. It states "An error occured while Windows was syncronizing with".
Anyone familiar with this?
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If the clock is off, Windows Update won't work for you.
Have you replaced your CMOS battery to ensure that the system can keep the clock running (this won't fix the time sync problem tho')?

Once your time is set correctly, then try updating.
If it doesn't work then, try the suggestions at this link:
Manually updated my date rather tha have it auto update.
that fixed the problem. Was an easy fix. Thought it would take forever to click thru the months, didnt know you couyld click thru the years.
Fixed now.
Keep an eye on the date - especially when you shut the system off.
Depending on the state of the CMOS battery it may not change immediately. A small amount of charge left in the battery may hold the date for a hour or two - but overnight may discharge it completely.
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