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Windows Vista Update problem

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I have an problem with updates in Windows Vista Home Basic SP1 32-bit.
I try to update to SP2 with Windows Update and manual download.
With Windows Update they went to download and is for all the time to 0% and then stop without success.
With manual update, tha update start inspecting computer and then have this error: ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER(0x80070057).
My computer is laptop HP 6735s AMD Turion X2 64, ATI Radeon HD 3200,...
Anyone can help me.

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Hi try the info here sorry it is translated from french Google Translate

Learn how to install Windows Vista Service Pack 2 (SP2)
I try all this and allways have ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER(0x80070057)
I update all HP drivers and latest ATI driver.
I try Windows Update, not work, they download for a few minutes (allways on 0% downloaded) then give me error Windows encountered an unknown error Code:80070057
I try manual update and give me error ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER(0x80070057)
I check all installed update and not have installed update KB972036.
Is there any other update that cause this problem.
The laptop is of my sister and I see that Windows try to update to SP2 since 31.3.2009
On my windows vista this update not installed kb970653, kb972036, kb973874.
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