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Am running Windows Vista Business, Service pack 1 I think 32-bit.
Yesterday I was seeking for a prodram caled fake webcam. I found it , downloaded it, but i haven't tried it, yet.
I pluged in my webcam, Started the program, and What happened is that a message apeared saying :"critical error happened.Windows will restart Automatically in 1 minute. Plz save ur Data."
I waited till the system restarted automatically,but it has stopped before entering the windows, the mouse apeared for a few seconds then a black screen lasting forever.I noticed that the HDD Led is not flashing or working, I mean it was working during the startup & loading the wondows, then when the black screen comes, it stopped.

It's also to be noted that i was trying Norton Anti-virues 2009 in a 15 days trial that just ended before the broblem occur, & the windows was working perfectly during that.Rly perfect without any problems.
Am having this Windows copy since 6 2007, never changed it, never formated it, using compatible softwares & avoiding the incompatible one.

I entered the safe mood for system restore, but I was shocked that there's no restore points, I tried windows restore in a few problems before & it worked very good, but i dunno wt happened this time. Under the safe mood even the control Panal & msconfig.exe are not working.

I tried to use highJack this but it's also not working !!!!

I have my copy of Windows, but unfortunatelly i have no back-up for my files.
I'm now runnig OS under the safe mood with networking during posting this problem.

I entered the event viewer in windows, and i got many error events at the time of the problem i got about 4 or 5 errors occured within 30 seconds !!
These are :

(( DCOM got error "1084" attempting to start the service ShellHWDetection with arguments "" in order to run the server:
{DD522ACC-F821-461A-A407-50B198B896DC} ))

(( The COM+ Event System detected a bad return code during its internal processing. HRESULT was 8007043c from line 45 of d:\vistasp1_gdr\com\complus\src\events\tier1\eventsystemobj.cpp. Please contact Microsoft Product Support Services to report this error. ))

#3 "the same :distrebutedCOM"
(( DCOM got error "1084" attempting to start the service EventSystem with arguments "" in order to run the server:
{1BE1F766-5536-11D1-B726-00C04FB926AF} ))

The other 3 problems are the same as 1 & 3, for the DCOM , with different argument or wtever u call it.

BTW, i did memory check, turned no problmes
the Chkdsk, no problems
Windows Memory Diagnostic tool, no problems
I 've tried booting the Windows under "Last known confguration known running"
but the Blue screen apeared, a counter counted to 100% then restarted.

The last time i checked my system using anti-virues & anti-spyware programes from about a week.

I un-installed the fake webcam program using it's uninstall package, rebooted, but my notebook insisted in leting me down.

A soloution will be GREATLY appreciated. :)
Thanx in advance..

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I read about The Zip file from a moment, but my result is too large to be uploaded here it's about 30 MB !!
also the perfmon /report : the viewer says :
"Error occuered while attemping to generate the report:
The system cann't find the path specefied."
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