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windows update and firewalls

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Ok so first i just have to say i know very little about computers so bare that in mind when answering.

I have two problems at the moment. First i discovered i was unable to use my limewire program because of a firewall. a firewall that i know nothing about. i didn't turn one on and cannot find it anywhere on my computer.
I've turned all my security programs off but still have this firewall.

I thought it might be a windows firewall but can't seem to find that anywhere on my computer either so i decided to update my computer and that's where my other problem lies. My computer will not update.
I'm trying to update the windows service pack 2 and nothing happens.

I have no idea what to do next so any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Hi raya

1) Turn your anti-malware programs back on immediately.
2) Run thorough scans for malware (if any serious infections are found, follow the 5-Step Security Checklist from our Security forums --- ) ---
3) Make a mental note to never turn off such protection while connected to the Internet (and if you have cable/DSL/satellite - you are likely constantly connected).
4) Check to see if you have a Norton, McAfee, ZoneAlarm, Comodo, or other firewall installed, and if it is running. Programs that are security "suites" usually include a firewall. Programs that include the phrase "Internet Security" usually include a firewall. If you find that you've a firewall running, leave it running! And simply look in it's Help files for information on adding your LimeWire to an "Allowed" or "Exceptions" list. *Note* TSF does NOT support the use of such file-sharing programs.
5) Should you not have any other firewalls installed --> The Windows XP firewall is turned off by default, until AFTER Service Pack 2 is installed (when it is turned on by default). Go to the Control Panel and look for the "Windows Firewall" icon. If you don't see it, from the menus on the upper left choose "Switch to Classic View". If you see that the Windows Firewall is turned on there, by all means leave it on (unless you have another firewall program ... you should only run ONE firewall).

If you have only the Windows Firewall active, Windows Update should work fine (remember that you'll need to use Internet Explorer to reach it). If you have a different firewall installed, you'll need to allow IE and Generic-Host-Process (svchost) through the firewall. All the information you need is likely in the Help files of your security programs.

Best of luck
. . . Gary
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