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Windows startup

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lp please?
When I start my computer, there are 5 individual boxes that come up stating "Windows cannot find file" and shows a series of small box like symbols......... and some other symbols that i have not seen before!
How can I clear these.
It is not affecting my computer once I have clicked OK and cleared them!
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Hi starbuck999

Usually this happens if a program that previously ran background processes on your computer at startup has been incompletely uninstalled. You can likely see evidence of the trouble in your Event Viewer logs (in your Administrative Tools in the Control Panel).

For a more in-depth look at what is trying to run at Startup, you can use the 'AutoRuns' utility from Microsoft/SysInternals ---

For a quick-fix try at eliminating the orphaned Registry entries, you can try CCleaner -- --- *note - we don't recommend the casual use of registry cleaning software here at TSF, but your repair rather requires one, and CCleaner is the safest tool I feel comfortable recommending to clear orphaned entries such as are likely the cause of your errors.

Run thorough malware scans as well (as they like to run at startup as well!)... If you find evidence of serious infection, try the 5-Step Security Checklist from our TSF Security forums ---

Best of luck!
. . . Gary
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