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Windows Server 2003 Help

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Hello everyone,

I am needing help with some questions in regards to windows server 2003, i have 3 questions that need to be answered.

What i need is to be shown how to do each of the questions with screenshots of each step, i am new to windows server and i need to learn these steps ASAP.

They relate to creating a user account and using MMC.

I am willing to pay for any help via Paypal. Also as i am new here i can pay upfront if you are a reputable member.

Please pm me if you can help and we can talk on MSN.

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Ok, firstly is the server currently a member server or a domain controller?

Is it part of an existing domain, i.e. are there other domain controllers?

Is this a production server or are you just using it to learn?

Oh and don't be afraid to look here
hi ther
tell me ur problems along wid the senario may be i can help
just ask your questions here ... most people are happy to help.

As for step by step screen shots ... i'm not gonna do that ... but i also don't want your money.
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