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Windows search disregarding spaces

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I am trying to find files that contain " - 1", however, Windows will strip the spaces and fins all files that contain "-1". I have well over 100,000 files with "-1" in them, but very few files with " - 1" in the filename. I really need to find these files.

Is there any way to force Windows to search for what I typed rather than what it "thinks" I am looking for??

I know the " - 1" vs "-1" question is strange. These are files autogenerated by two different programs into the same directory and this is the only difference between their naming schemes.
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I would recommend to try and do this search through the cmd window.
use the following command
dir c:\*.- 1 /s
This will search for files with - 1 extension in drive c.

Good Luck
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Thanks. Hopefully that will do the trick.
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